Speaking Sessions

Winslow E. Dixon offers support groups, seminars and private counseling and would be honored to have the opportunity to educate and encourage your community.


Above is a video of Winslow giving her testimony at Victory Temple.



Below is a list of seminars and programs offered.

Educational Seminars-

Alternative Pain Relief Solutions

Auto-immune Disease

Conquering Kidney Stones

Cortisol: The master, mystery chemical in the body

Circadian Rhythm- Key to quality of life

Enduring Endometriosis

Gluten: Should you eat it?

Managing Migraines

The Caregivers Role in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

The Roadmap to getting deathly ill (What NOT to do with your health)

The Trifecta Method to Wellness- Body, Mind & Spirit Health

Encouraging Seminars-

Action & Acceptance: Find the balance between letting go and trying harder.

Settling VS Contentment: Discerning when is it wrong to want more.

Finding Blessings in the Burdens: A unique insight on handling setbacks and tragedies with faith, humor and strength.

Life is a Team Sport: How to find the best team for your life and create a healthy support system.

Selfcare VS Selfishness: Understanding the fine line between taking care of yourself and putting others first.

Other Services Offered-

Biblical meditation classes, private counseling and support group sessions also available for booking.

Please fill out the contact form or send an email to inspire.fire@aol.com for booking.