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Yahoo News- The Opioid Debate

Yahoo Lifestyle- When Invisible Illness Becomes Visible

Yahoo Lifestyle- 10 Ways to Break Through Burnout

Florida’s Emerging Writers

Emerging Poets Anthology

“The Mighty” Contributor

Words of Pain Article

“The UnChargeables” Contributor

Letter to Loved Ones Series Guest Post

Migraine Mantra’s Column

Devotional Diva Publication- A Blessing in the Burdens

Adrenal Alternatives Foundation Contributor

Young, Beautiful and Disabled Guest Post

White Naturals- Organic Blog

Mary Tylor Naturals- Natural Living Blog

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Chronic Moms Club Podcast- Guest Speaker

Inspire Fire Podcast

Rejoice Podcast- Guest Speaker



Caregivers Guide Alzheimer’s Disease- Education series

Understanding your Adrenals Series

Triune Approach to Wellness

Action For Adrenal Awareness Real Life With Adrenal Disease: Kim and Winslow

Biblical Meditation- Guided Relaxation


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