Endorsements & Character References

Endorsements and Character References for Winslow E. Dixon



My name is Dr. Karen Thames. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist whose life took a turn a few years ago when I was diagnosed with a rare life threatening illness called Cushing’s disease. After having been in private practice for many years, this life altering event caused me to leave private practice. I had to endure multiple treatments including a brain surgery and ultimately had to have both of my adrenal glands removed in order to treat and save my life from Cushing’s.

Ironically, I had to make the difficult decision to trade one disease for another. I now live with Addison’s disease, another rare life threatening illness. While picking up the pieces, I realized that my purpose was the same, but the path would be different. I founded an organization called Empowering People with Invisible Chronic Illness or The EPIC Foundation two years ago. We provide support, advocacy, and tools of coping and empowerment to the chronic illness community and their loved ones. Our slogan is “Together, WE are EPIC”. The EPIC Foundation and I believe in surrounding ourselves with like-minded influential people and organizations who have similar visions and who believe in making a difference in the world. Because of this, we make it our goal to partner up with people who bring this vision to fruition.

I was fortunate enough to meet Winslow E. Dixon some time ago. Winslow is a fellow warrior and I knew from the moment we became acquainted that our visions were matched! I asked Winslow to become an affiliate to our organization and she graciously agreed! I know that, together, we can make a difference in the Addison’s community! This community has suffered such hard trials and we have lost so many cherished souls! We NEED people like Winslow who make people feel like they are not alone.

Winslow is compassionate, empathic, understanding, influential, and passionate! We need more people like her in the world! The EPIC Foundation is proud to affiliate with such an amazing woman! For we know that, Together WE are EPIC!

~Dr. N. Karen Thames, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Founder and Executive Director of The EPIC Foundation


Sometimes you intuitively know about a person. Sometimes it doesn’t take a large quantity of time to prove the quality of a person. I know first hand that Winslow is a dedicated advocate, a wonderful writer, and someone who can work amongst others well, without any issue, and wants others to feel involved and cared for.

Winslow is very forward-thinking and good at what she does, both with her own advocacy organizations and with her writing. She writes for my blog—the Migraine Mantras—where she has submitted some fantastic pieces of work that easily display her passion for raising awareness and ensuring others don’t feel alone in their chronic illness journey.

The core of what I know about Winslow is this: she cares a lot, she works hard, and she invests her precious time into activism and raising awareness. No, she doesn’t feel well all the time. Many of us who work in advocacy don’t. As such, we also make mistakes, we may not always be on time, and occasionally we have to say “no” for our own self-care.

Despite all these challenges Winslow faces, she rises above them and has shown that she CAN do it. She’s a fighter, a warrior, and she wants you to be one too.

-Jorie Logan


I met Winslow Dixon when she worked for Azalea Park Assisted Living. I am a sales director with Mary Kay and she was looking for someone to come in and do an activity for her residents. She was so warm over the phone I quickly felt like we would be forever friends! In working with her she was always organized and on time but it was the intangible skills of the loving way she came along side residents and co-workers that really impressed me. People in her age group have a reputation for being lazy and self-centered, however I found Winslow to be the exact opposite!

It was through Winslow that I learned what Addison’s Disease is and sadly her illness led to her moving from central Florida. I was able to stay connected to her through social media and her website. I have found her faith inspiring and her courage through the progression of her treatments admirable. Being included in the circle of people who prays for her keeps me closer to Jesus. I feel her story is one many people would benefit from hearing.


-Tracie Carley
Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics


As a manager at Azalea Park Retirement Community, I have had the pleasure of directly supervising Winslow Dixon, our community Enrichment Coordinator.  Within her first 2 weeks with us, Winslow organized and facilitated an extremely successful outdoor fair for our residents and their family members and guests. She recruited resident and community volunteers to make booths and games, and to run a raffle. The event was a huge success. Since then she has organized many events and holiday celebrations, and has always done an outstanding job.

Winslow took a previously stagnant enrichment program and added creative activities and outings to meet the needs of a diverse population. She even organized bean bag baseball tournaments with other communities, which has created great excitement with the residents. She has also brought in a great variety of entertainers, speakers and educators. In short, Winslow has elevated the enrichment program at Azalea Park to the highest level.

Winslow is a true team player, always helping fellow staff members whenever needed. She has great empathy with both staff and residents and is always willing to listen and assist others.

It has been a joy working with Winslow, and I truly appreciate all she has brought to Azalea Park.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at the number listed below.

-Cynthia Kasper

Former Co-Manager, Azalea Park, Holiday Retirement Community
Community Flex Manager, Holiday Retirement