Chronically Stoned

Yep, I’m finally admitting it. I’m chronically stoned.

Just about every day….. stoned….stoned….stoned.


Kidney stones that is!

What were you thinking?

I have Medullary Sponge Kidney (MSK) which causes me to have frequent kidney stones, recurrent infections and constant renal colic.

I have searched for every possible resource I could find to manage the chronic kidney stones, pain and UTI’s.

I’ve explored dietary changes, natural remedies, physical therapy, alternative medicine, surgical interventions and medications. 

Will I ever be cured of MSK?  No, but I am pleased to say I think I have finally tamed this beast of a disease. Thanks to a combination of the above mentioned things, I’ve taken my life back from the monster that has plagued me so long.

I want that for all sufferers of recurrent kidney stones, urinary tract infections and renal issues which is why I’ve compiled all I’ve learned into a published book.

I am excited to announce my latest publication:

Chronically Stoned: Guide to Winning the Battle against Kidney Stones & Urinary Tract infections. 

Available on kindle ebook and paperback edition.

Please share with anyone you know who struggles with these debilitating issues. I suffered for a long time and I want to help others find the answers I searched for so long!

Everyone deserves a better quality of life.

I will always fight MSK and Addison’s disease, but at least I’ve tamed one of my monsters ❤


Link to Kindle Ebook-



Link to paperback copy-

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