The Truth about Opioids Campaign is a Blatant Ignorant lie.

The above video depicts the so called “Truth of Opioids.”

As someone who is prescribed opioids, I was instantly intrigued by the audacity of this campaign and frankly was outraged.

But I am writing this post not out of anger, for I believe there is enough of that in this world.

I am writing this post to share the actual truth of opioid use.

Upon seeing this commercial, I researched further. I found there were a number of commercials in this “truth” campaign.

One of these commercials features a young man who appears to be a teenager or, at most in his early 20’s. He talks about getting opioid medications once at a party and then the commercial depicts him with a hammer, smashing his hand, stating “I didn’t know how far I would go to get more.”

The commercial then ends with stating that dependency can happen after just five days and then restates that this commercial depicts the “truth” of opioid use.

I will now explain why this is campaign is NOT the truth of opioid use.

1- This commercial depicts a person who received narcotics ILLEGALLY. This person is not chronically ill or disabled. His problem was not started by opioids that we’re prescribed to him. He acquired a substance illegally.

This was a choice he made. Narcotics didn’t make him an addict. He wanted to get “high.”

An addict will reach for ANY means to get high. An addict can seek a high from any means: alcohol, illegal drugs, prescription drugs….even sugar!

An addict will get high by ANY MEANS they can get a hold of.

This is a problem stemming from ADDICTION not opioids themselves.

An addict is an addict, regardless of their drug of choice.

I am not posting this to bash those who suffer with addiction. That is a real issue that needs care and compassion.

However it MUST be understood that the addiction issue is a separate issue from pain management used by those suffering from chronic pain from disability or disease.

2- This commercial depicts the very opposite mentality of chronically ill and disabled patients.

As someone who suffers with a painful, incurable illness I do whatever it takes to avoid adding more pain to my already painful existence.

Most chronic pain patients have tried everything available to manage their pain and opioids are used ONLY as a last resort in an attempt to achieve quality of life.

Most chronic pain patients on narcotic medications have tried dietary interventions, alternative therapies, physical therapies and naturalistic means to manage their pain, unsuccessfully.

Here is the difference between chronic pain patients and addicts- CCP’s do not WANT to be on medications. They would much rather be able to get out of bed, take care of their kids, have fun with their friends and work without having to rely on a medication in order to be able to manage incurable, chronic pain from disease or injury.

3- The thought of hurting myself to get medication is literally a foreign concept. This is actually against human nature itself.

Self harm can fall into in the category of mental illness, which is another issue that needs to be addressed with compassion and care.

The self harm depicted in this commercial is actually indicative of a psychiatric disorder called Non-suicidal self injury (NSSI), which is intentional physical self-damage or self-harm.

This commercial is representing an issue that frankly should enrage those who advocate for mental health awareness.

This person in this commercial represents someone who needs help with their mental illness.

This does not in any way represent the truth of legal opioid use.

4- The way the person in the commercial receives opioids was illegal in the first place.

This not only depicts pain management in a negative light, but also completely eliminates the truth that pain management is legal.

Legally obtained, properly used and medically necessary opioids are not illegal!

With my personal experience, I started having kidney stones at age 15. I visited emergency rooms a countless amount of times in my young life. I was never offered pain management. I was never offered help. I was told I was too young to possibly have a debilitating illness.

I was later diagnosed with a congenital kidney disease (Medullary Sponge Kidney) which causes chronic kidney stones, renal colic and recurrent infections. I also developed Adrenal Insufficiency because my body produced the stress hormone cortisol so much, for so long, it burned my endocrine system out.

Unmanaged pain has lasting consequences. I now have two diseases because my original one wasn’t treated.

It wasn’t until I was 25 years old that I had access to pain managing medications. Now, I have to visit a pain management clinic every 30 days.

With pain management, you have to sign a contract that you will only receive pain medications from that physician. You have to sign a contract to only fill your prescriptions at one pharmacy. You have to see the doctor every 30 days, and pay the copays. You may or may not be drug tested at random.

It takes A LOT to have access to pain relieving medications.

As a homebound woman who doesn’t drive, it is a struggle to get to the clinic and see the doctor.

Most pain management clinic rules force homebound, disabled people to have to physically acquire scripts every 30 days, regardless of their physical condition or ability to travel.

Pain medicine scripts can no longer have refills, forcing CP patients to get new scripts every month. Which explains why ‘opioid scripts have doubled.’ This statistic is part of the politically manipulated argument used to pass bills limiting pain relieving medication.

Yes, scripts have increased, but only because the rules of prescribing have changed.

Doctors now have to write a new script every 30 days, thus raising the amount of scripts written but not the amount of medication prescribed.

See the manipulated logic there?

Frankly, pain management is unnecessarily expensive as well. I pay a $60 copay every 30 days just for a script. The doctor doesn’t examine me. He doesn’t do anything except hand me a paper. I pay $60 in addition to my cost of medication. How much money could be saved if refills were allowed again? How many private insurance, Medicaid, Medicare and personal dollars are spent now because of this rule?

Recently, they took my script for a benzodiazepine away due to fear of government regulation and political pressure.

My prescribing physician looked me in the eyes and told me he was taking my script away because of fear for his licensure due to government regulation.

He took this medication without a taper, just cold turkey because he feared for his license. I know I am not the only one who has suffered this anti-hippocratic, inhumane treatment.

Think your medications are safe? Think again.

Healthcare decisions are being taken out of physician’s hands because of an ignorant political movement targeting those who are LEGALLY using medications for treatment of chronic pain due to incurable illness or injury.

Folks, this has gone too far.

The majority of chronic pain patients are suffering due to ignorance from politically charged bills to stop this so called “opioid epidemic.” When in reality, the stats are manipulated. For instance, heroin and illicit fentanyl deaths are added to statistics in order to push the agenda that legally obtained opioids are the source of the problem.

The “Truth” of the opioids campaign is a farce and I urge anyone reading this to flood the Truth Of Opioids Site with comments on how this FALSE representation needs to be eliminated!

I am writing this to educate others and help people understand the difference between opioid use and opioid abuse.

Chronic pain patients deserve quality of life!

Please don’t judge something you don’t understand!

If you were sentenced to a life of daily pain with no chance of a cure, wouldn’t you want someone to stand up for you?

So let’s FLOOD this site with comments, This LIE campaign needs to END.

This is NOT the truth of opioids, it is a blatant ignorant LIE.

Send a message today!

Wishing you hope, healing & happiness,

Winslow E. Dixon

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  1. Reblogged this on chronicpainhowcanisurvive and commented:
    What an excellent explanation of the lies being used to enforce and restrict opiod use. It is far more difficult to obtain a legal script for a legal medication written by a licensed physician and filled by a legal pharmacy in order to treat a medically diagnosed chronic disease even when abiding by the rules, regulations, and miles of red tape required by the government than it is to obtain an illegal drug from a street vendor to simply get high because you want to all while paying far less than the person who is obtaining a legal medication from a legal source for a legitimate cause. Sadly, the person using the illegal substance will eventually qualify for funds for disability due to their self-inflicted addiction and will be granted that disability and receive a monthly check for life far easier than someone battling a chronic invisible illness and will do less each year to meet the requirements to ensure that they still qualify for said disability than the person with a legitimate, unwanted disease. It’s ridiculous that people like myself spend every ounce of their available energy trying to appease the government and abide by their rules, and at times having to battle for their rights as a human being, in order to keep their pain medication to treat the pain that has denied them any quality of life and cheated them out of years of living a normal life and, in addition, must jump through hoops to remain on the other medications needed to treat the other symptoms they suffer from. Beginning in 2019, the government is making it so that physicians cannot prescribe medication to treat depression or anxiety to anyone who receives a prescription for narcotics to treat chronic pain. I never had issues with depression or anxiety driven panic attacks until my life was stolen by chronic pain due to autoimmune diseases that are hereditary and thus I was born with and did not do anything to cause these illnesses or trigger these symptoms. So I now live with chronic pain throughout my body every second of every day for more than 15 years now and will continue to suffer from as there is no known cute in sight for the diseases I suffer from. In addition to that pain, I will live the remainder of my life suffering from the symptoms caused by these diseases and the subsequent diseases they cause which range from temperature intolerances, chronic fatigue, the internal burning sensation and blister-like sores caused by CRPS that make walking more difficult than it already is thanks to the pain in every muscle and joint that’s magnified in my brain due to the translation provided by the nerves throughout my body that’s caused by my initial disease. Plus, I must vote with the pain of Gastroparesis due to the diseases causing the muscles in my body to fail to function as they should which not only affects the muscles in my limbs, but it also targets larger muscles in my body such as my stomach and also my heart, which is already showing signs of this disease through the arrhythmia and irregular heartbeat and other symptoms I’m having. I also must realize that it’s likely that the breathing issues and chest pain I’m experiencing are due to my lungs beginning to fail as they too are a muscle that can suffer from neuropathy and cease to function as they should just like all the other organs, aka muscles, in my body. How can anyone facing this grim of a future not battle and potentially succumb to depression and develop anxieties and suffer from panic attacks? I say it is basically impossible not too. As for me, I finally found a medication to help me cope with the anxiety, panic attacks, and depression but I’ve now been told I must be washed off it by the end of the year because my doctor cannot prescribe it any longer without losing his license. So, I’ve had to go off this legal medicine that I was using for the reasons indicated and approved by the FDA because I’m also receiving pain medicine. In addition to my previous worries, I now stress about when I will suffer an uncontrollable panic attack which I know will eventually happen, for which I will have no medication to control, and will have no ability or reason to seek help due to my doctors inability to treat me with medication and the fact that the hospital will only accuse me off being a drug seller for illegal purposes. So I’m left without help for a legitimate illness and have nowhere to turn and no way to prevent it and the added stress of worrying about it happening doesn’t make things easier or less likely to occur. Knowing that no one is able or willing to help me despite the fact that I am doing everything according to the law and seeking only legal assistance to treat my illnesses leads to a sense of hopelessness which builds to the point of depression. It’s sad that animals are being treated more humanely than humans! So, should I one day due from taking my own life because of the depression the government wouldn’t allow my doctor to treat any longer because of my script for pain medicine which I’ve only taken as prescribed, I’m sure my death will result in a tally mark being added to the column under the heading that reads “Deaths Caused By Opiod Usage” and I won’t be here to say otherwise. Maybe it’s my imagination, but this isn’t what I would call living the American dream. I can’t help but wonder if I’d be better able to treat my diseases if I were the type of person willing to sell my “medications” from the streets or maybe I’d be better off as an animal as both of these seem to have better rights to medical treatment than I do right now. Please make sure you know the facts on things before you vote for something to be a law and please make sure the facts you know aren’t being grossly misstated by the government or other officials providing the information because there are literally lives at stake and mine is one of them. Educate yourself before making decisions. Please. Know the REAL truth about legal opiod use instead of believing the misrepresented information that’s actually about opiod abuse which is a totally unrelated issue all of its own.

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  2. I, too, am a chronic pain patient. Last year, I underwent a taper for nine months with the intention of discontinuing my medically necessary pain medications because I feared the state of Florida will someday criminalize their use.

    I am sharing this on my blog today with a pingback to this site and post. I hope you are well. Peace to you.


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