The definition of fragile is something that is easily broken or damaged.
synonyms for this word are- breakable, easily broken; flimsy or insubstantial; easily destroyed.

Knowing this terminology, being called this word is sure to hurt even the strongest of people.


What does it mean to be fragile.


To answer this question, we must first ask what does it mean to be broken.
Everyone at some point in their lives feels broken by one thing or another. Loss, death, grief, financial problems, pain, isolation, natural disaster, and abuse can break all of us.

Going through one or all of these things can make even the strongest person feel fragile.

The worst part is when someone in your trusted inner circle calls you such an intense word.


Those words swirled around in your mind like a cyclone of destruction in the sea of your thoughts.


This week those words seared my already tender spirit. After undergoing an emergency surgery to save my kidney I have once again become completely bedridden and dependent.

In my state of healing, I reached out. I truly believe that no man is an island. I believe that everyone should strive their best to help one another. In my understanding of this concept, I realize that I need help so that one day I can turn around and help others. I have tried to swallow my pride and do what must be done to find healing again.

I know that I have done all I can for my own health. I strive 100% to be the happiest, healthiest most gracious person that I can be.

I’m only human and this past surgery brought me to an even lower level of “need.”

Losing the ability to take care of myself has been the most devastating blow I could have ever imagined. But I swallowed my pride and asked for help from those around me. Only to have those very people tell me that I am “fragile, needy and manipulative.”


I was once a strong, independent, beautiful woman with the world at her fingertips. I had a career. I had education. I had everything you could possibly need for a bright future, and then it all came crashing down like a sudden rain in the summer.

Fragile! Fragile! Fragile!

……… much as I hate those words I know they ring true. My mind goes back to the days where I took care of the elderly.

They are the very definition of fragile, but I never looked at them as needy.

I never looked at them as anyone less than me.

I never looked at them as anyone who deserved what they were going through.

I looked at them as souls that needed love! They were souls that needed care! Souls that were still so worthy of respect and dignity!

Never would I say the word “fragile” to them.

No! Precious, loved, gracefully aging….. but never fragile!

Which begs the argument, are not the most fragile things in life the most precious things?

Like a newborn child that can’t do anything for itself,  yet it’s so beautiful and so precious. We hold these newborn children in our arms and we don’t expect anything from them! We are just happy that they exist.

We look at their sweet faces and their tiny feet that aren’t strong enough to walk yet.

They are helpless, but they are still so important to us.

Though they can do nothing for us, we still regard their precious existence.

Is not the butterfly when it emerges from the cocoon also fragile after its time of darkness of turmoil and change?

Does it not emerge into something beautiful?!

It flies effortlessly in the wind though it’s wings could easily be ripped to shreds.

Yet, these delicate creatures are still so beautiful.

We look at these winged miracles in awestruck wonder.

We enjoy their very presence, though fragile.

Their beauty outshines brighter their vulnerable nature.

The intimate, fragile moments in life are also beautiful.


The first cry of a newborn baby.

The first kiss with your soulmate.

 A gentle embrace at a time of loss.

A helping hand when you’re in need.

A smile from a stranger.

 A laugh from a friend-

these moments are so fragile and yet so important.

So I say to you, you may be fragile…. you may need help…. you may not be what you want to be………….. but I defy anyone to say that you’re not still precious.

You are still worthy of love and respect.

Think of yourself as a beautiful rose; its petals so soft and yet so tender, so easily damaged.

The rose is no less beautiful because of its fragility.

It is also true that a rose only blooms once a year.

No rose blooms all year long.

The same is true for humans, none of us are 100% all of the time.

Even in our fragile states we are still beautiful, precious and worthy.


Fly on, butterflies ❤

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