Peace by Piece

Life is complicated.

Keeping track of everything can be a massive struggle.

I’m sure you think about- 

How much energy you have.

How you are feeling.

Are you eating the right foods?

Are you drinking enough water?

Are you sleeping enough?

Are you active enough?

Are you too stressed?

Life’s little details can be hard to keep track of. 

But these little details can have BIG impacts. 

Are you living life to the fullest?

Are you giving your body what it needs?

Are you your best self to others?

Are you taking care of yourself?

I, personally, struggle to keep all my little details together.

So, I created a journal format to help me keep track of my little details. I highly recommend this practice in all of my chronic illness advocacy work.

Many have asked me to recommend a format to keep track of everything. I never could find anything that suited my needs, so me….being me….created one.

Above is a video previewing the contents of the journal.

The purchase link is below.

I created the “Peace by Piece” 365 Day inspirational journal and health log to help me get my own health together. I felt like I needed to share it with others too.

No, this isn’t about making money, trust me. Amazon gives me pennies from what they make off of this. LOL.

I made this because it helped me and I hope it helps someone else.

I truly think recording this details is CRUCIAL to fighting chronic illness.

Honestly, even healthy people can benefit from keeping a journal. Cause the truth is- we all want to be healthier!

So, here it is.

Hours of my time went into this journal so it is very specific. I do hope it helps someone ❤

Wishing you all hope & healing.

Love, Win


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