The Deception of Sunlight

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Original composition by Winslow. E. Dixon

“The Deception of Sunlight”

Losses toss me around like the wind that flows through the trees.


Screaming for reprieve,

I fall to my knees


The sun silently beams,

Providing nothing but heat, no relief.


Shield the sun from me,

It blinds me from belief.


Light is a foreign concept,

Darkness is the truth.


Bright rays shed the illusion light is still abounding

A mockery of reality,

Darkness reigns with evil surrounding.


Backed into a corner,

Pushed to the edge

Forced to let go.


Shield me from the sun,

The light lies to me.


Out of control,

For independence, I plea.


Helpless on my own,

Though I fight on the right side.


Losing the battle,

Despite all I’ve tried.


I scream into the light,

Take me into your glow.


Within the fight,

I feel every blow.


Fighting with all I am,

I reject the darkness calling.


Chained to circumstance,

In hellfire I am falling.


The radiating light ridicules the truth.

The truth of my strength being stolen in my youth.


Light, Be more than a false hope in the air.

Light, Please unchain me from despair.

Light, Bring me back to life.

Light, I struggle to survive.


Powerless to change my fate,

For reverie I sit and wait.


Darkness seethes into my soul,

Dying as life takes its toll.


My chains around my wrist I feel,

Fears abound that this is real.


A reality I cannot fight,

I can only look towards the light.

-Winslow E. Dixon ©



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