Glimmer of Hope

Not sure if this is considered poetry or just weird writer speak.

Regardless, I wrote this, inspired by my beach visit and my crappy day ❤

Weird and dramatic 😀   But hey, do you expect any less from me?

Poem (3)



“I feel the ripple of the waves curl and twist around my fragile human form.

I feel the pulsing and pulling of the water graze against my tender skin.


I see the sailboat in the distance. I long to be like it;

Uninhibited and driven by the wind.

I see the wild, free-flowing ocean.

The waves exhibit a comforting crash;

much different than the chaotic,

unrelenting crashes of the reality of land.


Land; where gravity, entropy

and uncontrolled forces of nature reign.

The forces of nature; time and chance

form the path to which my life follows.


I walk this path,

Hoping it leads to better days.

Days where light glimmers through the bleak darkness.

Days where my spirit is not bound by the wounds of my body.


I walk towards this light, delicately; careful not to stumble into despair.

I dodge the jagged edges of agony and focus on the glimmer of hope.

This glimmer is  constantly ravaged by the losses I’ve encountered.

Black streaks of agony don my once pure, white soul.

Losses so bleak that not even the brightest star

could ever erase the depth of darkness they’ve exposed me to.


Yet still, I walk towards the glimmer.

Believing, hoping and seeing the path that leads to better days.

I grit my teeth in response to the pain that lies within my flesh.

Never willing to succumb to the incessant whispers of surrender.

Surrender now, be at peace

Surrender now, fight no more

Surrender now, you’ve earned rest’

They whisper.


Nay,  I walk on.

The glimmer of hope ahead calls out to me

louder than the voice of surrender ever could.”


-Winslow E. Dixon ©

All content and images used on this site are owned or licensed by Winslow E. Dixon. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.  (Feel free to share stories and save images, however all images, written posts and blogs are owned by Winslow E. Dixon and protected under copyright law)

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