Success or just making things suck less?

What is success?


Is it money?


Is it fame?


Is it beauty?


Is it a fancy car?


Is it a lavish lifestyle?


Is it marriage?

giphy (5).gif

Is it looking a certain way or being a certain size?

giphy (3).gif

What is the true measure of success?

Lately this question has plagued my mind. As a home bound, chronically ill woman with no day job- I often feel like I have somehow failed at life. Things did not go as I planned, I was supposed to be a physician’s assistant. I was supposed to married with a house full of kids.

Instead, I am a writer and run a non-profit ministry. I am unmarried and I’ll never have any biological children. No steady income, no fame, no fortune, no looks and no prestige. I struggle with health and weight due to addison’s disease and MSK.

Have I failed? Did I completely miss success?

Should I just wallow in a vat of sadness?  Can I throw my own personal pity party now?


Because I think TRUE success is finding happiness and peace despite any circumstances.

Sure, anyone can be happy when things go your way. When all the bills are paid, you are at your goal weight, living in a fancy house driving a porsche….

But when everything you planned goes wrong- how can you be happy?

Success is found when you accept the life you have, not the life you wish you had.

Success is inner peace. Success is knowing that you do your very best every day.

Success is cherishing every moment of your life, appreciating the little things.

You truly have to CHOOSE joy because it doesn’t just happen.

The natural order of life is disorder- murphy’s law rings true. If it can go wrong, it typically will at the worst possible time.

But you can still choose joy. Choose to cherish the beautiful things in your life.

So you don’t have money……Are you rich in the love of your family and friends?

So you don’t look the way you wish you did….so you don’t wear a size 2….. Are you confident in who you are on the inside? Is your heart pure? Do you encourage and love others?

So you don’t have the fancy car or the mansion….. Are you happy in your home? Are you at peace when you lay your head down at night because you know that you are safe and warm?

So you don’t have fame or prestige…….Are you loved by the people around you?

Those things, my friends, are SUCCESS.

You cannot buy love. You cannot buy peace. You cannot buy contentment.

You have to choose joy.

True success is acceptance of YOUR LIFE. The good, the bad and the ugly that is YOUR LIFE.

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