“Me too” A 40 year old truth comes to light

In the wake of the recent scandals involving sexual abuse, the status “ME TOO” has become an unfortunate, frequent re-posted sentence. It has both shocked and disheartened me to discover so many of my loved ones and friends have been the victims of sexual abuse.

The biggest shock was when I discovered my own mother had been the victim of such a terrible, degrading act. It disturbed me even worse to discover that she had been abused by a family member. One I knew. One I attended Christmas parties with. I had been to their house. I was related to the man who abused my beloved mother.

Uncle George- you made my mother go through things she did not deserve. Out of her respect and love for her family, she kept your evil deeds a secret. BUT NO MORE.

I am writing this to ensure your dark acts of sexual deviancy will be brought to light.

My mother is one of the most blameless people on the planet. She is as close to a saint as you could probably get. The seven deadly sins are far from her life. She doesn’t drink, smoke, party….and never has.  My mother is a woman who works hard, cares deeply and lives every day to the fullest extent.

As a child, she had a tough existence. Raised by an alcoholic father, she was frequently forced to stay with family members and church friends due to the condition of her home life.

In the false security of an aunt’s home, she was molested on more than one occasion. She has kept this secret quiet for over thirty years. In this home, she was mistreated when she needed support.

To this day, she kept her peace about this issue to save the dignity of the wife and two daughters Uncle George had.

But I cannot stand the thoughts of this man getting away with what he did to my precious mother. I will type his name in black letters just to add some justice to this terrible situation that my mother didn’t deserve.

George S- My mother did not deserve what happened to her. Her grace and dignity WERE not taken from her. But you- YOUR name will forever be one of the most evil ones in my mind. You will not get away with what you did. Vengeance is the LORD’S and he does not take kindly to children being abused.

Bottom line- If you are being abused, please speak out. DO NOT let the evil in this world prevail. Your abuser deserves no respect after what they have done.

Speak your truth so that the George S’s of the world can be STOPPED.

I want a world where less people have to say “Me too.”

Through the support of my loving father, my mother has finally had the courage to come forward with this story. Thank GOD for men like my father. Gracious, respectful men.

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