Introducing Inspire the Fire

Ya’ll my last month in North Carolina changed my life FOREVER.

God called me to speak for him.

Yep, little Baptist raised Winslow heard the voice of God in a Lutheran church service.

GOD has given me the desire to start a ministry.

Introducing- Inspire the Fire Ministries

Inspire the Fire facebook link

Winslow- why are you starting a ministry?

I just feel in my heart that this is the step I am supposed to take in my life.

I’ve seen darkness so bleak I never thought my eyes would behold light again, but I did.

And now, it’s my job to lead others out of their own darkness.

Feel free to like the  Facebook Page- Inspire the Fire

and check out the



Makehappen (2)

Inspireverse (2).jpg



One thought on “Introducing Inspire the Fire

  1. eguyadeen3 October 17, 2017 / 11:49 am

    Enjoy reading never stop writing and being a witness for Jesus Christ 🙂


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