Risks & Answers

Taking risks in life is scary.

But I can honestly say as I type this- I have no regrets regarding ANY of the choices I’ve ever made. I know in my heart I sought the will of the Lord and tried to do my best.

Some things in life do not make sense.

No matter how much you try to plot, plan and pick…..things still don’t work the way you think it should.

Some problems don’t have answers. There are a thousand things I wish I could explain, but I just can’t.

I truly believe in the concept of acceptance.

Contentment comes when you stop trying to control and figure out everything in life.

There are somethings in life we can’t explain.


Why do bad things happen to good people?

Why do little children suffer with terrible things like cancer?

Why do some people act they way they do?

Yeah, I don’t have all the answers…but that is OKAY!

Here’s what I do know-

1- Risks might hurt, but EVERY single experience helps mold us!  Those little moments in life that take your breath away…..THAT is worth the risk every time!

2- Control is an illusion. The very breath in your lungs is there because God decided  to give you life. True peace comes to those who let go of control.

3- Your character is how you react to the negative things in life. Yes, bad things can happen to you but you can be a POSITIVE influence in ANY situation.

4- Things fall apart. Life goes on. You have to pick yourself up, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself to hold on. You are not defined by what happens to you….but by how you chose to react to it.

5- You can either be fueled by fear or faith.  Some stuff in life is scary, but you have to step out in faith and just trust that even if things fall apart you will be OKAY! Fear will paralyze you and make you hesitant. Faith will propel you and make you courageous.

6- The truth always comes out.  Always. You just have to be strong in who you are. Be yourself ❤

7- Guilt is a truly useless emotion. Do not ever let yourself feel guilty for something you had no control over.

8- Don’t ever let anyone steal your joy. You can smile through any pain or circumstances. Sometimes you have to pick yourself up and move on.

9- Always hold on through the bad days, because the good days are SO WORTH IT.

10- There is peace in surrender.  Realizing that you just have to let go and Let GOD lead is the greatest choice you can make.

My peace comes from knowing that my faith will end in sight. One day I won’t have addison’s disease or MSK. One day I’ll understand why my entire life has been a blender with the lid off. One day Jesus will wipe away all my tears and say “WELCOME HOME my CHILD.”

Risks are just so worth it.  The happiness and joy before the crash… just worth it.

Every moment of joy I’ve had this past month was so needed. I’m back in Florida now. Reality set in.

I see the endocrinologist Monday about the cortisol pump. I pray the doctor will prescribe this life changing treatment. I also pray I can afford the $5,000 pump.

I see the surgeon Thursday about my upcoming procedure. I pray that I am making the right decision. I pray my quality of life will return.

The saying below is all I can think of right now.


Oh, I did fly this past month.
I lived. I met new people. I sang. I smiled. I fell in love.

I flew, I flew high in the sky.

I’m on the ground now. I’m back in reality.

But the happiness of the memories are carrying my heart far into the sky.

I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt to LIVE again….after all I’ve been through. It was like I woke up in a different life for a bit……

Do I know what lies ahead of me?


But I know that I found joy again after so much darkness……

Better days are still ahead of me.

I am OverComing Addison’s!

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