Carolina Shenanigans

I have just been absolutely amazed at how much I have enjoyed being in my home state.

Not even being dramatic, but the last year has been hell on earth.

Torturous/painful procedures, physical therapy- relearning to hold a spoon, walk and function again….. It’s been an uphill battle for life.

But I’m writing this to tell you that it’s worth the fight. Every horrible, gut-wrentching, crap-tastic fight was worth it.

I am alive.

I am living again.

Am I to the level I want to be?  No, but I can honestly say for the first time in a long time- I am seeing light peer through the bleak darkness.

I’m doing simple things again. The little things in life are TRULY what MATTERS!   The little moments……

Like getting a cherry slushy  *GASP*  (That’s terrible for you, don’t do that…bah humbug- it was once…. live a little, people!)


A warm cup of tea with my godmother ❤



The view of the Carolina countryside I’ve missed SO MUCH!


Golf cart ride with my godmother and her little grandchild!


Visiting family I haven’t seen in a long time.


Seeing Grandma Dixon! ❤


Aunt Louise ❤


Made friends with a wolf ❤


Sitting in the porch swing ❤


Grocery Shopping with adopted Grandma Shirley!


I’m so thankful for the little things now. Simple things make life so much better. I missed doing little things like shopping and going out to eat. I am slowly finding life again ❤

Never give up.

Fight through the bad days because the good days are worth living for.

I have some daunting days ahead with another upcoming surgery, but being here has renewed my spirit in ways I needed so badly.

I am OverComing Addison’s!

I was also able to do some public speaking- click Here for the link! I was so glad to share my story.  Spoonies deserve to be HEARD!




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