Townsend- Epilogue

I am excited to be publishing my fiction series- The EverVigilant Trilogy!

The first book- Townsend will be out at the end of this year.

Below is the epilogue to book two-

Townsend and the Guardians of the Gates.

Please read and let me know any opinions ❤




Within the shadows, my eyes beheld the fierce sight of the last dragon that existed. Ignis stood proudly guarding the entrance to the Gates of Fury. His deep, black scales shimmered amidst the gloomy scene of the dark realm. He flew in front of the gates, expelling a stream of smoldering flames from his throat.  Noticing my presence, the beast roared; alerting me I wasn’t a welcome visitor.

I spread my angel wings and charged through the Gates of Fury. The massive beast took to the air after me.  Despite my direct orders from the Assembly of Angels, I entered the dark realm to rescue Neal. Encountering a dragon was not part of my plan.

I kept my eyes ahead of me and tried to stay ahead of the dragon that was after me. I had to rescue Neal, no matter what the cost.

As the first EverVigilant Angel, I had to right all my wrongs.

Would I be able to atone for what I’d done?


Read Townsend and the Guardians of the Gates to discover if she succeeds in her quest.


The EverVigilant Trilogy by Winslow E. Dixon



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