Don’t let an idle mind break your own heart. 

I spent the day in bed recovering from my procedure yesterday. I fought a migraine, nausea and exhaustion. Frankly I felt terrible. 

I scrolled through Facebook when I finally woke, only to see photo after photo of babies born to my friends. 

My heart ached to see the things I’ll never have. 

Then I saw this and it soothed the aching twinge in my heart. 

I’m over thinking too much. Good things are still in the future. 

One day I will look into the eyes of a child: a child that I chose to love, to adopt and care for as my own. Blood doesn’t mean love is there. The saying blood is thicker than water couldn’t be further from the truth. Millions of children are in need of love and care, I intend on loving as many as possible in my lifetime when I’m able. 

Don’t let yourself break your own heart. No one walks the same journey in life. My life certainly isn’t what I wanted it to be, but I’ll still make it beautiful. I’ll still make it count. 

Days like today are the front lines in a war to get my health back. I need to rest for that’s how I will heal. 

We can’t give up, we have to fight for better days ahead. 

Days where my bed will not be my prison. 

Days where my strength will return. 

Days where I will make a difference in others lives.

People say idle hands are the devils workshop but honestly, time is what you make it. If you are spending time resting and healing there is no shame in that. 

The mind is where the true battlefield is…. 

And idle mind… Now that will get you in trouble… 

Better days, I’ll see you soon. 

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