Hope for the Homebound.

Writing this to introduce HOPE FOR THE HOMEBOUND.

I have started a facebook group for those of us who are homebound due to illness, pain, disability or circumstance. I know we face unique challenges and sometimes feel isolated and misunderstood.

This group is to help us realize we are not alone, to uplift others in our situation and talk with people who understand what it’s like to be homebound.


Above is the link, please share with anyone you know who is homebound.

No one should feel lost, forgotten or isolated.

My intention is to get a pen pal system going between members and eventually get the group to do projects such as writing letters to the military, cards for elderly nursing home residents, children’s hospitals, etc.

Being home all the time presents with it’s own unique challenges. Loneliness and boredom tend to sink in. I feel as if small gestures such as writing letters and communicating with others tend to make life much better ❤

This world needs so much love…..Let’s help spread light in darkness.

Thanks for reading.


Love, Win.


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