Medication Review- Elavil/Amitriptyline


(Side note- I believe the combination of modern medicine, holistic health, diet and nutrition is essential to achieve the best health possible. Big pharma doesn’t have all the answers, but prescribed medications DO have their place, just as holistic therapies do as well.)

I have found that chronic illnesses tend to stack up. Most the time when you see someone that is chronically ill, they have a long list of diagnosis.

My list is this- Endometriosis, Medullary Sponge Kidney and Addison’s disease. These three issues cause other problems such as I.C, chronic migraines,myofascial pain, kidney stones, frequent infection…blah blah blah…my long list of issues.

Medical whack-a-mole. You fix one problem and another pops up.

I am writing this blog to share my experience with a medication called Elavil/Amitriptyline   (you can click that for a full description of this medication)

My urologist prescribed this medication to try to help the pain that accompanies my medullary sponge kidney disease. With chronic infection and kidney stones, my urinary tract stays inflamed. The hope was with this medication, it would ease the pain of the I.C.

The side main effects I was warned about- weight gain and drowsiness. Two things I already struggle with….with addison’s disease I already take steriods…so anything else adding to my weight just upset me.

I filled the RX but let the medicine sit in my drawer…too afraid to be even sleepier or gain any more weight.

But my pain levels only continued to rise. At my pain management appointment I expressed my concerns to the doctor- who then suggested Elavil.

So I figured, why not…..

I started the medication: 10mg before bedtime every night.

I saw improvement in ways I didn’t expect.

Most people with addison’s will tell you we all have this weird, vague all, over aching pain. I always feel like I’ve run a marathon. My muscles stay in a constant state of post work out soreness, even if I have done nothing. We’ve been told it’s everything from fibromyalgia to myofascial syndrome…… I think it’s because cortisol is involved in muscle tissues and when you don’t create it naturally the synthetic replacement just isn’t the same and therefore we hurt. Can’t prove it and I could be wrong, but all  I know is my first symptom of low cortisol is muscle pain and tightness.

Though it’s still a factor, I found with the Elavil my over-all tenderness improved. Getting out of the car was easier..getting out of the bathtub was less painful…..walking down stairs didn’t leave me in tears…..I could move easier and wasn’t as sore.

The bladder and kidney spasms improved as well. I still battle a lot of inflammation and pain from the kidney stones…but I don’t feel like I’m being poked and stabbed quite as much.

Elavil is in the antidepressant medication family- it is a tricyclic antidepressant.

Though I have not been diagnosed with depression, I do feel better on this medication. I wouldnt have considered myself depressed, but I will admit I live a difficult existence. No one wants to be dependent, disabled and out of work at 25. I feel that it has helped me mentally as well.

So my review of Elavil is a 10/10.

Havent really seen any negative side effects, not that I would know considering I stay sleepy and I was already battling my weight thanks to the steroids.

I would fully recommend this medication. I have seen improvement on a low dose.

Best wishes to all. Hope you find health and hope ❤

Don’t be afraid to try new things ❤



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