Hocus Focus- The Magic of Perspective

We have all heard the saying, “Mind over matter.”

In my experience, this term is a double edged sword.

What is the balance of pushing forward and understanding your limits?

In life, every single human being has to face things that they don’t like.

No one has a perfect life, despite what might appear on facebook.

What is the magic formula for happiness, contentment and peace?

I wish there were a magical potion that could just make EVERYTHING okay, but the closest thing to a magical solution I have discovered is “Hocus Pokus- just Focus.”

This is a silly little mantra that keeps me sane.

There are a thousand things I wish I could change. I wish I could magically wake up healed. I wish I could eradicate the sickness from this world so no one had to suffer. I wish I could get certain people to change their ways. I wish everyone was kind, helpful and loving. I truly wish I could heal and fix the whole world.

But, I can’t.

No hocus pokus here.

EXCEPT for the magic of FOCUS!

When I focus on what I CAN CONTROL, life looks better.

I cannot control other people. I can control myself, my actions, my goals, my attitude…..ME. I may not can control what happens TO ME but I can control how I react to EVERY situation. I have to switch my focus to controlling my heart, mind and spirit.

I cannot change other people. I cannot make anyone feel compassion. I cannot change anyone’s heart. I cannot make someone care when they clearly don’t.  I can change how I react to them. I can stop trying to change them and just let things go.

I cannot control my health. I cannot destroy the illness in my body. But I CAN chose to take care of myself, rest, hydrate and eat. I can control HOW I treat my body, even though it is ill.

I cannot control outside circumstances. But I can choose to FOCUS on the good things in life. I can choose to appreciate the little things. I can choose to listen to positive voices and not negative ones. I can choose to love who I am. I can choose to love others.


Focus on the good things. Focus on hope.

Focus on the fact that GOOD THINGS WILL HAPPEN!

In a way, I have had to become my own Tinkerbell.

I do believe. I have to believe,

for that’s what keeps me alive.



I am going to use the magic of keeping focus ❤

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One thought on “Hocus Focus- The Magic of Perspective

  1. Lorraine October 4, 2017 / 11:52 pm

    Thank You I love this. It’s so completely right and perfectly said.


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