Is it a sin to be fat?

We’ve all heard of the seven deadly sins…..Pride, greed, lust, envy, wrath and slothfulness.

But is being fat a sin?

I am a pinterest rat….I am on it all the time and I ran across a quote that read, “A healthy body glorifies God”  This instantly intrigued me so I clicked on the board, only to find more quotes that resounded the same message.

“Your body is a temple, not taking care of it is defaming God’s creation.”

“To be overweight is to defame a God given gift.”

I don’t have a healthy body. I am overweight.

Is this a sin? Should I repent for my sickness?

If a healthy body glorifies God, what does that mean for people like me?

Is it sinful to be overweight?

Is it sinful to not be healthy?

Even though I had nothing to do with getting Addison’s disease or MSK?

Does my body not glorify God?

Weight is a difficult battle for me these days due to the steroid medication and inability to function. I eat extremely strict. No sugar, gluten and very little dairy. I only drink water and am VERY vigilant as to everything that enters my mouth.  Yet, still….I can’t seem to lose weight. I was is in physical therapy for exercise and do as much activity as I am able….still…..overweight.

Am I sinning? Is this wrong?

My opinion on this is that I believe God looks on the intent in our hearts. Is it wrong for us to totally destroy our God given bodies with substances? ABSOLUTELY. But, I don’t think God is sitting up in heaven counting our calories.

I choose to believe He knows the content of our character.

If you are gorging yourself with food in an effort to self soothe…clearly there is a problem there.

The door also swings, the other way. If you are starving yourself because of emotional wounds…God doesn’t want that either.

God seeks to comfort his people. He doesn’t want us going to ANY substance to cope….whether its food, illegal drugs or harmful behavior.

I severely struggle with my weight now, though I have done EVERYTHING possible to try and stop it. God knows that the steroids have done this. All the judgemental statements, dirty looks and condemnation should be minor compared to the acceptance and love my Savior has for me.

Here is a photo of me before and after the steroids. Guess what- My heart remains the same DESPITE what has happened to my body. This disease HAS NOT CHANGED my soul.

I am still me ❤


To the person whose pinterest board said, “A healthy body glorifies God”  I will politely disagree with you. I do not have a healthy body. My body creates kidney stones, chronic pain and my adrenals have failed- I STILL CHOOSE TO SERVE GOD.

My message is this- Your body IS THE TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Take care of yourself. Love yourself, for you are created in God’s image. He loves you abundantly, despite any human flaws.

Christians- let’s stop judging others based on looks. That skinny girl- may be battling an eating disorder formed from years of abuse.  That overweight man- may be fighting Cushing’s disease from years of high stress and trauma.


And all the fat people said AMEN.  (Or atleast me…hehe)

John 15:12 

This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.



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One thought on “Is it a sin to be fat?

  1. Kelly July 10, 2017 / 11:23 pm

    You’re beautiful he understand the steroids


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