The Behavior of The Phoenix

The story of the phoenix:  A fantastic mythical bird that met a death of flames with a strength great enough to perform regeneration.   The creature that rose out of the ashes that attempted to take its life. I heavily identify with this legend.

As a person with a life threatening disease, I constantly am forced pull myself out of the ashes of self-pity, pain, excuses and negativity.  Certain days make me question why I continue to rise out of the flames I seem to never escape from. The embers ignite around me whispering Give in!  Give in! You cannot fight anymore. No one sees your pain.

The heat of pain burns throughout my whole body. The flames of symptoms, medications and side effects combust into smoke that chokes my very existence.

Every morning, I wake in the fire my own body has created for me.

Unlike the majestic phoenix, I have to rise from the ashes more than once. I suppose she had no audience as she conquered the flames that tried to kill her: just as I have no audience as I silently and daily push past the fire that rages inside my body.

My phoenix soul carries on. I will not let the blaze consume me.

In the midst of the sparks,

my spirit ignites.

Strong souls silently rise from ashes daily.

This is the behavior of the phoenix. Regardless of how many times my own flames ignite around me, I will rise from the ashes every time.

I have gone through hell, and I will leave sparks of fire wherever I go.

I was put on this earth to inspire the fire ❤



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