Put feet on your prayers

So many times as Christians, it is second nature for us to say “I’ll pray for you” whenever we hear someone is carrying a burden. I know for me, it is an automatic knee-jerk reaction to offer to add someone to my prayer list.

I am ashamed to admit that sometimes I feel like it’s not enough. At times when I am suffering with my illness, I typically confide in my dear friends. In my suffering human state, my response to “I’ll pray for you” is typically a snarky remark about how “God is not a genie” or “It doesn’t work like that.”

Prayer is powerful. Prayer works. Prayer is great. But sometimes, God wants us to do MORE than just pray for our brethren. We are called to WALK in love.

Walking is an action. How many actions do we take whenever someone needs help?

Instead of just praying for someone, how many more things can we do for them?

Sending a text message or email just to personally check up on someone or encourage them is an amazing way to put feet on your prayers. During times of grief, strife or pain- a listening ear can be one of the most comforting things in the world.

When someone is sick, little tasks like cooking dinner or doing laundry can be overwhelming. Offering to help someone do daily tasks can make a huge difference.

People have basic human needs. Maybe you bought some household supplies in bulk…is there anything you could share with someone in need?

Taking initiave in helping others needs to be a daily part of the Christian life. I never realized how important this was until I became ill myself.

The little things are truly what matter in life.  When I am struggling, the messages of encouragement, the little helpful tasks and gifts keep me going.

I want to put action into my prayers.

No matter what your state in life- there is ALWAYS a way to WALK IN LOVE.

Send that text message.  Make that phone call. Offer to help.  Give what the Lord lays on your heart to do.

Speak words of LIFE and LOVE to those who need to hear it.

Do as God leads. He will place people on your heart and ideas in your mind. We are the body of Christ. We are commanded act as extensions of His love for us.

Let’s put action to our prayers.



1 Comment

  1. Wonderful article about being the hands and feet of Jesus. ❤️

    Yes, I agree with you. What I love is when you are hurting or confused in a certain area, or maybe you need to make a big decision, and a brother or sister prays for you on the spot!

    I also will post actual prayers on Facebook for people.

    But yes, I agree sometimes a listening ear is so comforting. Also you can always ask if you can help that person in any way. Or simply offer to make a meal or run some errands or watch their children.


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