To those who weep on Mother’s Day

Mother’s day can be a bittersweet time for many people. For some, it is a sad day of tribute to a mother that has passed on. For others, it is a stinging reminder that they are barren, childless or infertile.

This is to you ladies-

This is to all those who fight back the tears when seeing another pregnancy announcement scroll across your screen.

This is for all the women who have lost their mothers way too​ early in life.

To the women who long for the kind words and advice from their own mothers who are no longer with them.

To the women who desire to nurture and love a child of their own.

To the women who will never feel the stirring of a child in their womb.

To the women who keep hoping for those two pink lines on the test to appear.

You are not alone.

Happy Mother’s Day to you.

The beautiful thing about love, is that it is an infinite force.

You can never have or give too much of it.  Just because you do not have the title of “Mom” does not mean you are less of a woman. The care, affection and attention you offer the world isn’t degraded simply because you do not have biological children.

Whether you are grieving the loss of your own mother, or fighting to become one yourself, just know you are not alone in your emotional struggle.

This Mother’s day, instead of focusing on the grief- I want to give love to someone who may need it.

This life is hard folks! Loss, loneliness, anger and bitterness scar the hearts of all humanity.

Someone out there needs your love.

Don’t think it is worth any less because “mom” is not a part of your title.

Infinite Love can heal the deepest of wounds.

So this Mother’s Day…….GO give yourself the chance to change a life.


Happy Mother’s Day!


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