Time Release Update



I feel like that bird today……

*irritated squawking sound*


I never thought I would be one of these people who wrote a personal blog…..so I apologize if this is brain numbing boring information. My blog is just as random as I am…I try to do all kind of content…..

This blog is just an update on the time release cortisol medicine.   I am writing it so other Addison’s and adrenal insuffiency patients can be aware of other options.

My amazing, brilliant, God- sent primary care physician prescribed me time release hydrocortisone pills that were personally made for me by a compounding pharmacy.

The hope with these pills is that I would not struggle with the 90 minute blood serum half life rise and drop of the cortef pills.

I waited for these pills to be made and they were mailed to me.

So I started these pills…..

Day 1- I tried a combination of Cortef and the new HC pills. Felt funny, exhausted and nauseated.  Also got a migraine with it, but assumed it was just from the adjustment of the medication.

Day 2- Took the new pills in total replacement of the cortef. By the time 1pm rolled around I was too exhausted to stay awake. I went to sleep until 4pm and took another dose when I woke up.  I figured I was just adjusting…..

Nope. By the time 6:30 rolled around I couldn’t hold my head up. I was shaking, feeling extremely nauseated and weak. I was extremely low on cortisol. BP dropped to 80/60.

I called my doctors on call line and let him know what was going on. He instructed me to take my normal cortef, stress dose and hydrate. I took a stress dose of 5mg cortef and drank some sweet tea. I went back to sleep.

The time release pills did not work for me. I am not sure why. I just know that I had a major issue with generic HC  before, so I am assuming this is just the same chemical synthesis in my system.

I am very sad to know that the time release did not work, but I am thankful that I had another option to try.

I am still praying and hoping to be placed on the pump someday, but for now its BACK TO THE CORTEF!

I am so thankful to live in an age where I have access to my life saving medication. I am also to thankful for an amazing doctor who actually cares.

Point of this blog- Maybe time release will work for other Addison’s patients. It’s another resource I wasn’t aware of.

Wishing everyone comfort & cortisol ❤




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