Hopes, dreams & scary things


In my previous blog, I wrote about the hope of the  getting on the cortisol pump. I currently have to take oral cortisol medication and have very poor quality of life. This treatment has given me hope that maybe one day I’ll be able walk, drive, work and live again.

(Just to recap- I have endometriosis &  medullary sponge kidney disorder, which causes daily kidney stones, cysts, frequent infections, kidney and bladder spasms, and intercystial cystitis. Due to the stress on my body, I developed Addison’s disease (total adrenal failure)

I am hoping to be able to have quality of life again. I used to work in geriatrics. I was in school and had plans to become a Physician’s Assistant. My heart’s desire is to return to medicine and help others suffering like I have.

I suffered many years and ONE CORTISOL lab test could have changed everything. It is my goal to make cortisol testing as normal as a CBC (complete blood count)

This adrenal fatigue/failure issue is a lot more common that the medical community is led to believe. It is simply not tested for!!! I want to change that. If my health ever returns to a point where I am able, I will go on a CORTISOL CRUSADE. I want to make sure no one suffers the way I did.

That being said, my life has come to a screeching halt since June of last year. I became so ill I could no longer work, drive or take care of myself. I now face the harsh realities of MSK and Addison’s disease. This pump will hopefully regulate my cortisol levels much more naturally. Even though I will still have to fight the kidney stones and pain- I at least would love some independence back.

Cortisol pills have a blood serum half life of 90 minutes in the body. I have to take these pills multiple times a day just to barely function. I have found a passion in writing, thankfully. But, I miss working. I am going to be 25 in a few days and the thought of living my life this way is just overwhelming. I want to live again. I want to drive. I want to go to church. I want to work again. Yes, I love being a freelance writer and author….but losing my independence so young has been a devastating experience.

I write this blog not to whine, but to educate…..

Adrenal disease is real. If you dont feel right and they cant figure out what is wrong- DEMAND A CORTISOL PANEL. Had I had one done, my adrenals could have been saved when I was in the stages of fatigue. Now I have full adrenal failure.

I ask that you all pray for me about this treatment. I am having to be re-tested before I can go on the pump treatment. I have to withhold my steroid dose the morning of my lab test. This is very dangerous and life threatening, but it has to be done.

Please pray I am safely be re-tested. Please pray I financially can afford this life changing treatment. Please pray the Lord uses me in this life.

Even if I can’t get this treatment, I still want to serve God. I pray that I can even in this weakened state.

I just want to live again.

Below is the link to the GoFund me page my wonderful best friend set up for me.

Every cent of that and every cent of profit from my books will go towards medical treatment.






One thought on “Hopes, dreams & scary things

  1. sarahshearmanphotography April 19, 2017 / 2:03 am

    Living with what they say is I.C with no end in site is wearing at the very core of my being .All the things i once did are not even moderately obtainable . . . horse back riding , hiking , spending quality time with my toddlers outdoors. I cant even imagine pairing is with so many other things . Find passion and release in your writing and try to keep your head up .


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