Bearing the Unbearable


Recently I had someone ask me, “What do you do in those moments where everything is unbearable?”

Ironically, that morning  I had been awake since 4:00am from agonizing pain. Nothing would affect it. No position was comfortable, no medicine was even touching it, nothing was taming the raging pain inside me.

Later that day I had physical therapy. I forced myself to go. I forced myself to push through the agony. I ended up breaking down in tears while lying on the floor doing exercises.

Sometimes this disease is too much.

Sometimes the pain is too high.

Sometimes I’m so sad I can’t hold  back the tears.

In these moments, all we can do is hold on.

Take a deep breath and remind yourself of why you’re still here.

Remind yourself of everyone you love and everyone that loves you.

Remind  yourself that “No man is an island.” You have to go on because you have  things to do. Things ONLY YOU can accomplish in this world. There is not another you. You are special and no one could EVER take your place.

As long as you have breath in those lungs, you have a purpose.

In those moments, we have to take this fight to another level.

It’s ALL OUT WAR. A war against pain, depression, grief, loss and change.

Remember two things-

1-You are not alone.

2- You can do this.

So my answer on bearing the unbearable is this….. Take those moments with the most gentle self care you can. Comfort yourself in healthy ways. Keep your mind away from the dark thoughts. Realize how strong you are.


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