Pump it! Pump it! I hope to!


Yes, I am writing a blog about a pump. Weird topic right?

For the first time in a long time, I have some hope in a new medical treatment.

As most of you know, I have been out of work and very ill for about a year now. I was diagnosed with Medullary Sponge Kidney Disorder and due to the physical stress of kidney stones, endometriosis, constant infection and pain I developed Addison’s disease (total adrenal failure).The treatment- replace the hormones that the adrenals no longer produce.

I have been on oral cortisol medication for the last two years. I have struggled with this severely due to malabsorption, ulcers, nausea, weight gain, blood sugar issues…etc.

There is a promising new treatment that may vastly improve my quality of life. The cortisol pump. It is where a solution of solu-cortef (cortisol) is loaded into a diabetic pump and deposited directly into the bloodstream- thus regulating the body more naturally.


With the pills now, they have a serum blood half life of 90 minutes. I have to take these pills frequently just to barely function. I am constantly nauseated, tired and weak due to the lack of regulation.

This pump could change everything…… With the cortisol directly in my bloodstream I bypass the stomach route, thus erasing the effects of malabsorption.

During my surgery, I was on IV cortisol and I felt a major difference. Going back to oral cortisol was a difficult struggle.

I am writing this in hopes that everyone who reads this will pray that this treatment becomes a reality for me. It is my true hope and desire to help raise awareness on adrenal issues, as I believe they are much more common that the medical community is led to believe. In my current health state, I am unable to drive or work. My hope is that this treatment will change that. I want to do the work of the Lord and I will do whatever He asks of me. I just don’t believe life will always be this way. This pump has given me hope of quality of life again.

Every cent of profit from my books is going towards this new treatment as it is very expensive. I have to afford the pump itself and the daily solutions of solu-cortef which are not covered by insurance.

Below is the link to the GoFund me page my wonderful best friend set up for me.

Every cent of that and every cent of profit from my books will go towards medical treatment.


I have published three books which are linked below.

I will be publishing a fiction book later this year as well.



I selfishly ask that you please join with me in prayer over this!

The simple hope of living my life again is overwhelming.




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