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Winslow E. Dixon

Author of  Arsenal of Arrows Devotional Journal Challenge Series , the Peace by Piece 365 Day Inspirational Health Log Journal and the children’s book The Shivering Sunbeam.

Upcoming fiction publication- The EverVigilant Trilogy


Founder of Adrenal Alternatives Foundation

CO-owner of the Coping with Cacchi-Ricci Coalition


UnChargeables Column

Letter to Loved Ones Series Guest Post- Explaining Fatigue in Chronic Illness

Migraine Mantra Publication

Peace by Piece Inspirational Health Log Journal

Arsenal of Arrows Devotional Journal Challenge Series

The Shivering Sunbeam- Children’s book explaining disability to young readers.

Devotional Diva Publication- A Blessing in the Burdens

Young, Beautiful and Disabled Publication

Overcoming Addisons- Chronic Illness Column

Winslow E. Dixon’s Video Portfolio



Books and Merch-








Customizable Pain/Tension Relief Relieving Wrap
















One thought on “Author Winslow E. Dixon

  1. Your writings are so enlightening! They apply to “every one” no matter what ones situation is, for all our situations can be different from each others, but the feelings surrounding those situations are the same.-whether It’s sadness, depression, anxiety, loneliness, abandonment, betrayal, or grief.
    Your Mom and I worked together a long time ago on the adult inpatient psychiatric unit. Frequently I work on the child/ adolescennt unit your Mom worked on. In the break room I love to read over and over each time I am there, these inspirational messages on the walls. I understand your Mom did this. One of my favorite ones is “be extra nice to people, for you never know what difficult situation they may be in.” Continue with your incredible gift GOD has blessed you with. Diane Saint


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